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Mainly used in computer rooms such as finance, securities, and data centers. It is specially designed for servers. It can provide a high-performance and stable working environment for the equipment in the cabinet. It is widely used by professional server suppliers such as IBM, SUN, HP, COMPAQ, DELL, etc. All are made of high-quality cold-rolled steel; thickness: frame 1.2mm, square hole strip 2.0mm, laminate 1.2mm, side door 1.2mm, smoke gray tempered glass thickness 5mm

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1. The appearance is elegant, the newly designed server cabinet also reflects the ability to manage the server, good compatibility, can adapt to more servers, and perfect ventilation design 2. Front door and back door with vents to facilitate ventilation and heat dissipation and improve the stability of network equipment operation 3. There are multiple routing channels at the top and bottom that can be closed, and the size of the large routing hole at the bottom can be adjusted as required 4. Optional installation base to meet the requirements of fixed cabinet, bottom line passing, cold air supply at the bottom, and rodent resistance Detachable left and right side doors and front and rear doors, all-round operation and multi-directional viewing 5. Efficient and fastened cabinet connection method 6. Casters and supporting feet can be installed at the same time; the structure is sturdy, the maximum static load is up to 1000KG 7. Advanced rotary handle cabinet door lock 8. After degreasing, pickling, rust-proof phosphating, and pure water cleaning, electrostatic spraying is carried out to meet the European ROHS environmental protection standards Optional main body color: black or gray 9. Height, width and depth are optional; multiple accessories are optional




Black, Red, Blue


20oz / 0.57kg


13.75in / 35cm


9in / 23cm


6in / 15cm


S, M, XL

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